In all bottling lines, it is traditional to measure strength taking into account the internal pressure.

However, at Vidrala we have asked ourselves a question: What if we were able to rigorously and effectively measure impact?

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How do we quantitatively and reliably measure the impact that the bottle will face?

    We needed to detect the points
    along the line with the highest impacts

    Una botella recibe un impacto en la línea de montaje

    And so, we proposed mapping the process

    We installed a sensor on to the prototype of the bottle that was being processed

    Operarios de Vidrala, trabajando para interpretar los resultados
    • We first calibrated

      • Accelerometers
      • Gyroscopes
    • We measured accelerations and turns

      Around the 3 axes

      At different heights

    • We measured the impacts in IPS

    Nuestros sensores rfid midiendo cada golpe

    We placed sensors along the line to measure each blow and identify where it occurred

    We started to collect all the data in real time and display the results on a mobile device directly with the customer

    Puedes consultar los datos a tiempo real en cualquiera de tus dispositivos móviles, como en este iPad

    We then had the data!
    However, we still could not relax

    Ya tenemos los datos, pausa para el cafe

    We were faced with a specific issue:

    The resistance to impact of the containers presented a complex statistical distribution


    The involvement of the human factor
    was fundamental in resolving this

    With our experience, we perfected the reports and learned to read and interpret the results.

    Now we know that all impacts count...
    but not equally.

    Operarios de Vidrala, trabajando para interpretar los resultados
    Mano con pulgar levantado, nuestro sistema nos permite conocer los datos de forma predecible

    With a correct interpretation, we have managed to identify the risk level of a line and the risk of breakage.

    Today, thanks to this experience, we offer our customers the exclusive Vidrala Cypher service

    • We audit our own production lines and those of our customers
    • We display the results in real time
    • We generate final reports
    • We identify areas for improvement
    • We analyse the possible lightening of models
    • We provide a better ad-hoc design


    What can be measured
    can be improved

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